Monday, February 18, 2008

A Series of Mildly-Annoying Events

The preacher arrived at the church building, entered through the basement, and discovered that heavy rains Saturday night had flooded most of the carpeted floor! Making sure it wasn't a plumbing issue, the preacher strode to the bathroom: slosh, splotch, slosh. It wasn't the bathroom. Perhaps it was the kitchen! Slosh, splortch, schpluck went the preacher's feet. Having determined it was not a plumbing issue, he planned to borrow a large shop-vac and suck most of the water from the basement after services.

Somewhere in the sploshing about, the preacher suddenly recalls, to his horror, that he had left his sermon notes at home, some 45 minutes away. In spare moments, he finds an old bulletin and begins making a few sparse notes from his memory.

Toward the later end of his sermon, the preacher comments that all which we have should be received with thanksgiving. To this comment, an ornery young whippersnapper pipes up to tell him that it isn't Thanksgiving yet. That's at the end of the year, just before Christmas.

The church basement is much dryer, now, thank you.


Terry said...

At least it's closer to Thanksgiving now.
~an onary older whippersnapper (Terry)

The Ironic Catholic said...

Ooh. Some day of rest, eh?