Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Become a substitute teacher! See new places! Celebrate holidays on the wrong day!

In a previous post, O Theophilus, I lamented being unable to celebrate Purim this year,because it falls on the Thursday evening before Good Friday (I'm sure there's a name for that day, but I flunked Christian calendar 301.)

Yesterday, substitute teaching for the Jr Hi Bible class, I got to celebrate Purim! The students had just finished studying the book of Esther (the central theme an origin of Purim,) and so they celebrated Purim on Tuesday. We had a Purim spiel, graggers (noisemakers) to help blot out the name of Haman, (BOO!) and hamentaschen from here.

We did not, however, engage in the traditional Purim practice of drinking until you can't tell righteous Mordecai from wicked Haman. They were 7th graders, after all, and we didn't really have enough wine in stock to get them blotto.

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