Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Best Compliment I Received Lately

Last week at camp, I was introduced to the kids as "probably the oddest person on the faculty."

Ah, they know me here!


HMSnow said...

Use of the qualifier "probably" leads me to ask...

Was there a runner-up? And if so, was it a close race? And if so, did any children return to their parents uncorrupted?

Diesel said...

Are you sure they didn't say "oldest"? Your hearing is going, you know.

Allen's Brain said...

Miss (as I presume it still to be)
I suppose that runners-up would be assertions by campers of things like, "You're weird," "You're funny," & "That's not a spoon! Aaaugh!"

One of my all-time favorites was having my personality described as "slightly left of center" (at least I think he said "center" and not "sinner.")

Another was when a person said that my jokes had "a long fuse."


Allen's Brain said...

A careful re-reading of your question, HMSnow, indicates that I utterly failed to answer what you asked.
No, there was no runner-up in the weirdest factulty contest. I think she was just trying to avoid competition. (How dare she say that he's the oddest! I'll show her!)

If there were children left uncorrupted, it wasn't my fault.

PraiseDivineMercy said...

So you mentioned your internet persona is a brain in jar?

Allen's Brain said...