Thursday, July 24, 2008

Coming Soon To A Christian Bookstore Near You!

Allen's Brain Publishing is proud to announce the release of

The Middle-Class Vaguely European Guy Study Bible!

Finally, a Bible that speaks to the unique struggles of the middle-class vaguely European guy!


-Well-written study notes to help middle-class vaguely European guys better understand the Scriptures!

-Inspirational mini-biographies of other vaguely European guys (many of them middle-class) in the Bible!

-Cover art that speaks to the soul of the middle-class vaguely European guy culture!

-Fifteen pages of devotional material written by middle-class vaguely European guys that reveal God's plan for middle-class vaguely European guys!

-Printed on special "Caucasian" paper!

-Perfect for middle-class vaguely European guy Bible studies!

-Buy one for the middle-class vaguely European guy in your life!

And keep your eyes peeled for our next release, The Snarky Blogger Study Bible!


EegahInc said...

Well they must only be selling this at Lifeway stores because I see no mention of including the Deuterocanonical books for us middle-class vaguely European Catholic and Orthodox guys. Harumph!

Allen's Brain said...

Hmmm. Not familar with Lifeway.
Ya want the Deu. Can. books? Alright. For you Eegah, anything!

PraiseDivineMercy said...

Thanks eegah...

Seriously Allen, you need to read Sirach.

Now... about that bible-study for geeky otaku...

HMSnow said...

Somebody's been spending too much time at his local Christian bookstore... not healthy for those of markedly cynical tendencies. (I ought to know.)

Two things:
If it's only through Lifeway bookstores, would that mean it's only for Southern middle-class vaguely European men?

"Geeky otaku" is, I fear, totally redundant. "Otaku" is just "geek" in Japanese, and who needs to be a "geeky geek?" (So what does it mean when you're a geek in two languages? Oy...)

Allen's Brain said...

There is a Manga Bible out now. Does that count?

I think I did read Sirach in college. Nevertheless, I'll add it to my list of things to read next. I think that would put it at #5 right now.

Allen's Brain said...

English, Japanese, AND Yiddish, eh?

A "geeky geek" is someone who is a nerd and also bites the heads off of chickens (the classical meaning of "geek."

HMSnow said...

I got to hack up a chicken with my new meat cleaver today; does that count?

Allen's Brain said...

Um, no, I think "geek" requires oral decapitation.
Congrats on the new cleaver, though.