Saturday, July 12, 2008

VBS finished, Brain in Jar Relieved and Tired

Well, our Vacation Bible School is over for another year. We had our closing program last night. The young people got to show off what they knew, the parents and grandparents got to swell with pride, and we all got to eat cookies and drink fruit punch--so very nutritious!

The week went very smoothly, and we managed to connect with a few unchurched kids, which is a big plus! (In a small town, that can be a rarity.) To God goes the credit!

I'm running away to camp this week. I'll be working with 100+ 5th & 6th graders. Pray for the preservation of my sanity, which is hanging by a tenuous thread as it is.

Anyway, no posts here til at least the night of the 18th. I'll miss you.

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