Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rejection slip #35

Mr Z'Brain,

We regret to inform you that--in our considered opinion--you have no future as a cartoonist. Additionally, we feel that this joke, like all the others, was in such bad taste that you cannot possibly have any sort of career as a gag writer.

Please do not send us any more submissions.

-Art Werks,
Comix Empire


Gregory said...

Your abusive husband looks like Bob Ross on crack.

Is he going to go paint some happy little crack pipes?

Gregory said...

It's been a slow week for the blogs I frequent, and mine. There have been few new posts or comments.

It's kind of a letdown.

Allen's Brain said...

Bob Ross? I don't think I know who that is, unless it's that "How to paint" guy. Sadly, that's pretty much a self-portrait there. Slap on some large-frame glasses, & you've got me with bones and skin on. Is it any wonder I ditched them?
Sorry about the slow week here. Family funeral yesterday=all-day road trip.

Max the drunken severed head said...

Nope, no wonder at all! Just kidding.

Okay, so you made a pun on the "slinky" dress that some might see as making light of wife abuse. (You and Joe Biden are more alike in the gaffe dept. than I had expected!) At least you didn't say that the woman went to a shelter named Tempura House-- for lightly battered women.

And *I* didn't say it either--Al Franken paid me to test that gag here and see what the reaction is...

Max the drunken severed head said...

I just *now* read why your week at the blog has been slow-- I should read more carefully before I post.

Persona and jokes set aside-- I am sorry for your loss, and send my condolences. May many great memories comfort you now and in future.

Allen's Brain said...

No problem, Max, mon frer. We weren't that close. It was mostly an inconvenience. Thanks for your kind words, though. Maybe you should run for public office.

Love the Tempura gag, BTW.