Monday, November 24, 2008

Pics from Allen's reception/roast

A couple pics taken on the 16th.

Myself in a moment of great anguish--or maybe it's prayer, who knows? I think someone had just speared me in the back.

Say, I clean up all right! Dig the quiet, sedate necktie.

Probably the best pic ever taken of me. No, I'm on the left! The brunette (who shall remain nameless because it's really hard to keep lab assistants when you have virtually no budget) kept telling me to turn around. I repeatedly refused, and so here I am--shot in the back, as it were.

Even so, this is me all over: relaxed posture, hand in my pocket, other hand wrapped around a coffee cup. Incidentally, I appear to be some sort of cartoon character with only three fingers.

Pretty good pic of her though. (Huh. I just noticed that she's mirroring me here: posture, pocket, cup. I guess that makes this art, then, right?)


Type4You/PaperSmyth said...

See, no honey was really involved. However, you may need to do something about that left-brain/right-brain discord. But, seriously, you resemble one of my favorite deacons from the church of my youth. Cool. He was a great story-teller and just resonated the peace of God. I bet he would approve of your sense of humor.

The Ironic Catholic said...

I really wish you had posted the one of you dancing on the table.

Allen's Brain said...

I'm still acquiring pics from that event, so maybe I will, yet. Assuming, that is, that they aren't too blurry.

verification word: "felsigh" - the noise the Jabberwock makes just before he eats you. "He loosed one felsigh and then gobbled him whole."