Monday, February 16, 2009

A late Valentine's Day tale

Okay, grab a bucket in case of nausea.

This was attached to a chocolate St V's Day heart:

Chocolate Boy loved Cheesecake Girl from the very moment he had laid his chocolate eyes on her creamy white decadence. He loved her flawless, smooth roundness. He loved how her head came to a perfect little swirl at the very top. He loved the way that she complemented everything she came in contact with, desperately hoping she would grant him that privilege. But he especially loved her playful naughtiness. He could still recall the night he had watched her dip her index finger deeply into the raspberry sauce. For him, the sight of her slowly licking off every bit of it–and tasting herself in the process–had been the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Chocolate Boy longed to give Cheesecake Girl a special gift to show her just how he felt. However, Chocolate Boy was not very, ahem, rich. He needed every cent he made at the soap bubble factory to pay his rent and other bills. "Maybe if I just scrimped and saved a little," he began, sliding his hands deep into his pockets, imagining them filling with nickels and dimes. However, as he did so, his chocolate pockets–which were very brittle–broke right off of his chocolate pants! "Now I’ll never be able to save any money!" Chocolate Boy cried.

Finally, one St Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Boy worked up he courage to go speak to Cheesecake Girl, having, up til now, only loved her from a bashful distance. "Cheesecake Girl," he quavered, "I know I’m not as exciting as Chocolate-With-Nuts Man, or as cultured and sophisticated as Chocolate Philippe-Full-of-Delicious-Liqueur, but I love you very much. I want to present you with a gift that shows you how I feel, but I don’t make very much money at my job. Is there anything that I have that you would accept as a gift?"

Cheesecake Girl leaned close, her sweet aroma filling Chocolate Boy’s senses, and whispered her request into his chocolate ear. What she asked for thrilled him, because it was the one thing he yearned most to give her...

His chocolate heart.


The Ironic Catholic said...

Kind of cannibalistic, dontcha think?

Allen's Brain said...

Heh. Only if she eats it.
If it helps, think of "The Merchant of Venice."