Monday, February 09, 2009

New! Eek! Book!

Finally! An Eek! book is available for purchase!

Comics from the Dork Side features 96 pages of inspired madness from the mind of Scott Nickel!

If you love the twisted sensibilities of Scott Nickel, buy this book.

If you don’t know whether or not you like Eek! comics, but you like monsters, mad scientists and laughing, buy this book.

If you have a Valentine’s Day gift to buy for that special Atomic Lizard Man in your life, buy this book.

If you are in need of scrap paper to line the birdcage or help light the stove, buy this book!

If you enjoy the humor on this blog–get help immediately. . . by buying this book!

And if you act now, Scott is going all Ron Popeil on us by GIVING AWAY FREE EEK! ART WITH EVERY ORDER!

Additionally, I will, upon request, personally autograph every brain-in-a-jar cartoon in the book AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO YOU!*

Read Eek! now!

Buy Comics from the Dork Side
*Offer does not include shipping and handling fees. My autograph is free, though. If you can hunt me down at my lab--and judging by the way you handle that pitchfork and torch, you probably can–I will do the signing for free.

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