Sunday, February 08, 2009

Meek to Sue God for Unfair Treatment

"It really burns me up, the way that God has treated us so shoddily!" says Karen Anderson of religious protest and lobbyist group Meek No More. "It all sounds really good, but in reality, we’re getting the shaft, just like the meek have been getting since the days God made that promise!"

Harland Lewis, attorney for Meek No More, says that The Almighty is clearly guilty of contract violation with the meek. "The world promised, through the psalmist and even Christ himself, is a wondrously pristine and productive one. What the meek are eventually receiving, in reality, is a polluted, depleted globe wracked by climate change and overpopulation. And since the meek–being meek--aren’t going to ask for better, it falls to folks like MNM to speak out for them and hold God accountable."

Cole Durndle, president of We Be Meek, presents a countering opinion on the subject. "What groups like (MNM) fail to take into consideration is that it is not the Lord that reduced the planet’s intrinsic value. It is the overbearing and hyper-assertive that they should be suing for damages."

The Creator was available for comment, but remained silent.

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