Thursday, October 01, 2009

You won't see me worshiping here any time soon!

Tired of worrying about whether your attire is too dressed-up or not dressy enough for church? These folks have solved the dilemma for you!

Calvary Nudist Baptist Church in Tyler, TX!

I love some of the comments on the front page:

We are lambs before the Lord, and every Sunday we give thanks to Him with all of our body and soul. And it includes the sacrifice of our garments, for it was when Eve ate from the Tree of Life and gathered fig leaves that mankind fell into sin.

Really? It was the making & wearing of clothes that caused the fall into sin?

And then this (needless?) warning:
Do not disrobe in the parking lot; use the foyer. You may carry a small bag into the church or use the clothing check system near the restrooms.

They have two "traditional" (Yup, nekkid church just like grandma used to attend) and "contemporary" services, as well as Sunday School (so that your children can learn in the sinless state of nudity.)



PaperSmyth said...

Wow. The truth really is stranger than fiction.

(I'm so grateful you didn't use the expression "and their eyes were opened" in this post. Really.)

HMSnow said...

I wonder if they offer guests the courtesy of a blindfold before letting them enter the building.