Monday, March 15, 2010

Potentially-Crummy Church Signs, et al

Even though the Crummy Church Signs blog no longer updates, I still find myself (yup. there I am.) looking crtitically at church marquees. Take this one, for instance:

Jesus n Jeans
Casual Worship

Alright. I get it. You can wear your blue jeans to church on the date posted, because it was "Casual Sunday."  But could we not think of a less cringe-inducingly cheesy title for it? And why does it bring to my mind images of school spirit weeks?

What's next Sunday? "Bible n Backwards"? Wear your clothes reversed today. For even more backwards-inspired fun, we'll start with the Benediction and work our way up to the "Welcome Everyone"! We'll sing the hymns starting with the last verse--or maybe even do some of them "backwards masking" style!

And then there's that phrase, "casual worship."  Is that even possible?  "Sure, I worship God, but only casually. I don't get all serious about it."*

And then, I--the Brain-in-a-jar himself--put up a church sign that made me want Crummy Church Signs back in action.  Based on Hosea 11, I put this sermon title on the sign:

Our Father's Heart

Technically, it was all in caps, and we've lost all the punctuation marks, so it really said:


Immediately, I thought of a fitting caption:

"We've started putting prayer requests on our church sign, now."

*I'm fine with casual attire in a church service. I don't care about musical styles. But a casual, lax attitude toward God--regardless of what you're wearing--is what I have an issue with. And yes, I know that's not what the "Jesus n Jeans" folks were talking about.

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