Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One more Easter-y post

Found this last year, but failed to post it. Possibly the best Easter comic ever. I mean, I love Johnny Hart, but his Easter comics rarely made me laugh so hard as this.

Reynolds Unwrapped, early April 2010
My tired brain wandered during Sunday School class this past Sunday (since I wasn't teaching it,) and I began to imagine the women headed for the tomb with their jars of perfumed ointment, and stumbling upon Easter eggs along the path. "What's this?" Of course, that likely makes the easter bunny a gentile--working on the Sabbath, and all.

A recurring line in my sermon Sunday went thusly, "Christ the Lord has risen. Let's go hunt for eggs."

Tip of the yarmulke to IC for re-posting my sin and sharing the horror with a larger audience.

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