Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passover Seder 2011

My seder plate, 04-18-2011
Had a good crowd last night for our seder: 13, just like the Last Supper. Would have had about ten more, barring illness, travel, and unforseen last-minute circumstances. Gotta print up some more haggadahs.

Cooked all day as usual, though I had some good help. Gonna be living on matzoh ball soup the rest of the week, I think. It's impossible to make a small batch.
See this kid here? That's not MY matzoh ball soup he's enjoying! He wasn't even AT our seder! What's he doing in this post, anyway? Well, I know what he's doing... I'm just not sure why he's doing it here. Are there no pics of people enjoying my stellar chickn matzoh ball soup? (Now with fewer E's!) There really aren't? Never mind then.

A couple good pics I didn't take:
This shot is nice, because it actually captures a bit of the serving table at the bottom. That's angel food cake in the lower right corner. Also a great capture of the little red-haired girl (not THAT ONE, Charlie Brown!) 4th person back on the left. She's in first grade, but she's a really good reader and read the "4 questions," as is the responsibility/privilege of the youngest at the meal. She also rescued the singing portion of the seder, right after the meal, by insisting that SHE wanted to sing, even if no one else was interested. We compromised with just singing Passover-parody favorite, "Pharaoh, Pharaoh," which everyone enjoyed.

See the weird-looking bearded guy, 3rd from the back on the right-hand side? No, that's not Elijah! That's Allen. We try to keep him out, and every year he manages to get back in, sit down, and lead the seder!

Same group, a little closer to the table. A few more of us are looking at the camera this time, including that creepy bearded guy. Highlight of this shot: the camera-shy girl with her purple haggadah in front of her face.

The prize for finding the afikomen this year? Little milk chocolate lambs. Seemed like an appropriate thematic gift.
"Now we have lamb at our Passover," I said. 

As usual, Elijah didn't show up to join us. Oh well.

Next year year, in the New Jerusalem! Or, as we say at Cornland, "Next week, around the Lord's table!"

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