Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Antiques Road Show at the Brain Lab

Sort of.

It all started with this nifty "airpot" coffee dispenser I bought and gave to the church.

Worked fine for several years, and then the pump lever on the top (which turned out to be plastic) cracked, rendering it unusable. Went shopping for another one, and couldn't find one anywhere! A friend recommended checking eBay, and pointed out, jocularly, that some folks were selling their old 70's style plastic airpots with tacky designs on the exterior and that I could get one of those. Well, I DID check eBay, and hadn't really made a final decision.

A day or two later, I stopped in at a Goodwill store, just to poke around. I found THIS:

Yup, the donors had kept the box. Curiosity killed my cat, and then motivated me to open the box. Imagine my surprise to find the item in pristine condition, still wrapped in the plastic with the string tag still attached to the handle! My guess is that it was a wedding gift or something, and had been stuck in a back closet or basement and left unused.

Ah, the days when this was a selling point!

Glad to know my coffee pot is free of poison, but, is that even a word?
 But this pot is not the kitschy-cool, orangey floral design pictured on the front of the box. No. Instead, it is this design:

So, I should set it on fire?
It is even more beautiful (?) in real life.
A couple more pics to sear your eyeballs:

Here, you can plainly see the original price of this airpot. Quite expensive for the 1970s!

But how much did I pay for this vintage gem?

A bit blurry. $3.98!
Now, if I could just find some Partridge family mugs to match it!

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Leslie H. said...

OMG allen the style you got is WAY better than the one on the box!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that find!!!! ay to go!! LOve 70's retro