Friday, May 20, 2011

From shrunken heads to... well...

One more day is all we've got, folks, assuming Harold Camping is correct. And why shouldn't we believe him? I mean, he successfully predicted the end 3 times back in 1994! Yeah, I didn't know that, either. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Please, don't be fooled again! Send today for the Parousia Secret Decoder Ring and begin to uncover all the secret messages hidden in God's Word! No longer will you be left wondering "Is God trying to tell me something?" You'll know! Just turn your Secret Decoder Ring Squadron-approved Hebrew text of the Bible upside-down, and begin to decipher the secret codes along with Capt N and the PSDR Squadron!
 And remember what Jesus said: "No one knows the day or the hour, without the secret decoder ring!"  
Today's secret code is 
"Captain Kresken Nostradamus and The Parousia Secret Decoder Ring Squadron" is sponsored by Chuck Taylors, the footwear of the Apocalypse! Chuck Taylor: because the 14th time is the charm!
*Note: PSDR only completely and flawlessly works with original autographs.

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