Wednesday, June 08, 2011

For all y'all Jewish Cajuns out there!

Allen's Brain does not simply thrive on coffee and bad movies. It also finds great stimulation in spicy food. My latest lab experiment combined two of my loves: Judaism and hot sauce!

Uncle Brainstein's "Oy Vey! 'At's A Spicy Matzoh Ball!"

Start with your favorite matzoh ball recipe or mix.

Make the matzoh balls, according to the recipe/directions.

Instead of dropping them into boiling soup, drop them into a pan of the same amount of boiling hot sauce. My recipe calls for 2-and-a-half quarts.
(Frank's Red Hot would be ideal, but I went with the super-cheap store brand. Whatever's spicy and tangy. I love Tabasco, but I can't imagine using it. It'd get pretty expensive, too.)

Otherwise, follow your matzoh ball recipe.

The matzoh balls will absorb the soup/sauce.

You can use a funnel and pour the remaining sauce back into the bottles. It'll be a little thicker, having cooked-down.

Great added to a chicken dish or as a unique, kosher accompaniment to buffalo wings. Try 'em with ranch or bleu cheese dressing.

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