Thursday, November 17, 2011

A thought about the Samaritan ex-leper

As we approach Thanksgiving Day here in the US, I've been thinking about Luke 17:11-19.

Is it possible that the source of our own shortage of gratitude is that we believe that we are neither Samaritans (sinners unable to rightly expect anything from a holy God) nor ex-lepers (cleansed of the incurable, re-united with the community, snatched from a terminal disease)?


Susan WD said...

Maybe. Good thought.

PaperSmyth said...

Ah, Pelagianism. Recovering leper and Samaritan that I am, it follows me everywhere I go trying to tell me how much I don't need God. :-( Why we need people like you (and Dr. WD) to help us remember... to thank Him.