Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sandusky & Associates, Purim 2012

Have you been the recent victim of shame? Embarrassment? Humiliation?

Haman: It was the best AND worst day of my life. I had been to dinner with the king and queen, and invited to come back the next night. Then I ran into my enemy, Mordecai, and he still refused to bow to me. My wife advised that I have a 75-foot gallows built to hang Mordecai on. That’s when I called Sandusky & Associates.

Sandusky & Associates are expert builders of gallows and impaling pikes. Even if you have unrealistic expectations, we will go to work for you and guarantee your satisfaction. Just call 1-800-WE HANG U. That’s 1-800-WE HANG U. It won’t cost a shekel to see if we can help you realize your dreams of revenge!


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