Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purim 2013, "13th of Adar" (Reprise)

"13th of Adar" (Reprise)

They hanged Haman (Boo!) on gallows meant for Mordecai the Jew,
Who received the villain's house and office, too.
Xerxes then decreed the Jews fight back and loot their enemies,
And the date for this is surely known to you!

It was the 13th of Adar!
It was the 13th of Adar!
Purim's on 14th of Adar,
For the lot was cast, yet God did save them there!

And so it was that they all lived happily ever after, except for the household of Haman, who stopped living entirely. Since that time, every 14th of Adar, the Jews celebrate the events of the book of Esther in a holiday called Purim, which means "lots" or "dice," because the date Haman chose by casting lots became the day when God delivered his people!

Every Purim, they retell the story of Esther--often with much silliness. There's feasting and drinking; sending gifts of food to the poor; and the eating of triangular cookies called Hamentashen, or "Haman's ears" and small chocolate rabbits called "Esther bunnies."

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