Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Purim 2013, "Mordecai, He's The Guy"

"Mordecai, He's The Guy"
(tune: "Near the Cross")

There was once a righteous Jew,
In the town of Susa,
He had raised his cousin, who
Had the name, Hadassah
Mordecai, he's the guy,
From the tribe of Benjamin.
Naturally, an enemy,
To the villain, Haman.(Boo!)

H'dassah, which means "myrtle tree,"
Also went by "Esther,"
For she was so beautiful.
No one would have guessed-er
That she, too, was a Jew,
When she joined the contest
For the fairest in the land,
Who'd be named "Her Highness."

Esther was soon made the queen,
Of the Persian nation,
And with help from Mordecai,
Stopped an assassination.
Two did plot, but got caught,
Thanks to Mordecai-i!
Xerxes never thanked him,
But we don't know why-y.

Xerxes honored Haman (Boo!)
With a huge promotion.
Made him second in command--
What a crazy notion--
And so now, all must bow.
Mordecai refu-used,
Haman (Boo!) soon sought to,
De-stroy all the Jew-ews.

Next Purim parody, please.

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