Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purim 2013, "Yankee Haman"?

(tune: "Yankee Doodle")

Xerxes could not sleep that night, perhaps because of heartburn.
Bedtime stories didn't help, because of what the king learned.
Mordecai had saved his life from assassination,
And they never paid him back with honor or position!

"Is there anyone around?" the king asked. "Here is Haman."
T' ask that Mordecai be hung's the reason that he came in.
Haman, (Boo!) I need your help! Your advice I wanna.
What is to be done for one the king delights to honor?

Th' villain had an ego boost, "Of course, the king means ME."
"Dress that man in royal robes, and on a royal steed,
"Let a prince lead him around, and proclaim aloud,
" 'This is what is done for one of which the king is proud!' "

Xexes said, "I love that plan! That's just what I will do!
"Go now and do that very thing for Mordecai the Jew!"
Haman (boo!) did all of that, then to his wife bleated.
She said, "Mordecai's a Jew. They cannot be defeated."

Pray, continue this nonsense!

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