Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purim 2013, "Joy to Haman"

And so, emboldened with fasting and prayer, Esther went to see the king and plead for the lives of her people, the Jews. The king was pleased to see her, and extended his golden scepter to her. Perfect! And now to talk to the king about his decree!

"I've prepared a banquet, Your Majesty, and I've come to invite you and Haman to it." (That she risked her life to do this may say something about her cooking.)

"A whole banquet, just for the three of us?" asked the king.

"I'm pretty hungry," Esther said. "I haven't eaten in three days."

To which the king replied, "Oh. Is that one of those new diets that's supposed to lengthen your life?"

"Something like that," she said.

After dinner that night, King Xerxes asked the queen what she really wanted.

"Your Highness, I have a matter of utmost importance to speak with you about. Come to dinner tomorrow night -- just you and Haman"    

"Joy to Haman"
(tune: "Joy to the World")

Joy to Haman! His world seems bright! He'd just dined with the king!
And then he saw old Mordecai, who wouldn't pay him any mind.
Which spoiled his evening. Which spoiled his evening.
Which spoiled, which spoiled his evening.

"Zeresh, my wife," said vile Haman, "My life with joy abounds."
"I'm wealthy and I have ten sons! Promoted over everyone!
"But still I wear a frown. Mordecai will not bow down.
"How can I enjoy my life when he's around?"

Zeresh replied, "Don't let that guy be such a thorn in your bonnet!
Have a gallows built so big and tall, that no one can miss it at all,
And have him hanged upon it. And have him hanged upon it.
And have him, and have him hanged upon it!


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