Thursday, February 21, 2013

Purim 2013, "You Must Tell Xerxes"

When the official announcement about the Adar 13th genocide was posted, Jews everywhere became mourning people--even in the afternoon! Mordecai himself went about the streets wailing loudly with a paper bag on his head. When Esther asked why, Mordecai told her he was grieving, and so he was dressed in sackcloth. Mordecai sent Esther a copy of the royal edit, and so began an exchange of messages between them.

"You Must Tell Xerxes"
(tune: "I Must Tell Jesus")

You must tell Xerxes to change the edict.
He must revoke this senseless decree.
Plead for your people. He'll listen to you.
On pins and needles, Uncle Mordy.

You must tell Xerxes, You must tell Xerxes,
Plead for his mercy, and, maybe, cry.
Esther, if you don't go and see Xerxes,
We are in trouble. We're gonna die!

Mordecai, you don't know how things work here.
You don't just barge in to see the king.
If I do that, he likely will kill me,
So, you see, I can't do anything.

I can't tell Xerxes, I can't go see him!
It's been a month since he called his wife!
But if he holds out his golden scepter,
When I see Xerxes, he'll spare my life.

Esther, I know you live in the palace,
But when that day comes, you will die, too.
If you stay silent, Help will come later,
But all our fam'ly will die with you!

You must see Xerxes! You must see Xerxes!
Beg him to stop this horrible crime!
Perhaps you've been placed in this position,
So you can help us in such a time!

Gather all Jews who live in the city,
Let us all fast for 3 days and nights
When it is done I'll go and see Xerxes,
And if he kills me, at least I tried.

I'll go see Xerxes, I'll go Xerxes,
Plead for his mercy, and, maybe, cry.
Though it's illegal, I will go to him.
I'll do my best. If I die, I die.

More Purim parodies lie ahead.

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