Friday, November 01, 2013

Thoughts From My Favorite Saint

Because it's All Saints' Day.

Sweetly your voice calls to me, O Lord,
Cutting through the dim fogginess of this world.

It is like the scent of your blessed beverage, coffee,
As it brews before sunrise.

Reaching my nose,
It opens my eyes, that I may awake to do your work.

Reaching my tongue as I sip,
It opens my mouth to sing your praises.

Reaching my mind,
It awakens me to know your truth and proclaim it to others.

Reaching my heart,
It helps me to see past the grey drizzled darkness,
Which blinds both mind and heart in this age.

I hear your voice, My God, and respond,
“Here am I, send me.”

-St Espressus of Java, “Sipping from Isaiah 6”

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