Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NOT What It Appears To Be!

More confusing religious kitsch found at my local "Christian Store." Resurrection Sunday edition.

Okay: Bunny. Giant egg decorated in pastel colors. All these point to Easter, right? But, Oh-hoho! "He is Risen" appears on the egg! It appears to be a mixing of the more mainstream pagan iconography of Easter and the message of Jesus' resurrection. "Hooray! Bunnies & eggs & marshmallow chicks in radioactive colors! BUT ALSO: Hooray! Jesus rose from the grave!" (And if he sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of winter.)

However, the following vintage Easter graphic altered my whole perspective on this kitschy tchotchke.

Imagine opening your Easter basket, only to find this foul beastie awaiting you, huge red eyes agleam with demonic lupine evil! Don't believe me? Click on it to see it at full-size! He's plainly waiting to go for your throat, and likely nibble on your brains!

WHO has risen? Why, it's the Undead Zombie Bunny of Caerbannog! Better hope one of your eggs is a Holy Hand Grenade! Otherwise, death awaits you all with big, nasty, sharp, pointy teeth!


bradsgianthurtball said...

Death awaits you with sharp pointy teeth!

Bethy said...

I'm reminded of Monty Python and the Holy Grail here. AAAAAH! Don't need Tim... the Enchanter here. :-/

Good heavens!