Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tea Kettle of the Damned

Been on a film noir kick lately.

And since this is the Brain Lab, I had to involve coffee and monsters.

And absurdly over-the-top bad writing.

My own photo of my home espresso maker. I manipulated the colors, balance, etc., to make it look like it came out of a 1940s detective flick. It really does make a sound like a grief-stricken ghost, though.


Bethy said...

The Karloff InstaMatic? :) I swear I own the Keurig version. Its name is Boris.

Allen's Brain said...

I think it's the Lugosi model: Listen to them! Cappuccinos of the Night! What music they make!

Allen's Brain said...

However, Boris is a great name for a coffee maker!