Friday, April 28, 2006

New old pics

Here's a couple pics I received in my email yesterday. They were sent by Ross Thomas, who preached at Cornland before I did. We've worked in camp together the last several summers, and--Lord-willing--we will work together again this summer. That's Ross in the second picture, just moments before my head popped off entirely.
I'm looking a bit red-faced and utterly insane in these shots. I seem to recall that, in the one with my team kids (Thanks for the bunny ears, guys! I did the same thing at that age), I was asked for a crazy face that was then used later in the "Medieval Times"-style dinner/tournament. The other one I can not explain, except that I was exhausted by the end of the camp week when that was likely taken. (Ross looks a little tired too, actually.) Well, that, and the fact that "lunacy" is my standard setting.
The red face is easier to explain. I tan like a lobster.
Much work yet to be done before it all comes together for camp this year. Pray for us!

Listening to: "Project: Comstock, Music From Outer Space," Frank Comstock & his Orchestra

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Leslie said...

Allen you look like you are having fun and fun to be around I'm sure those kids had a great time. Glad to "see" ya'.

:) Leslie