Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm running away from home!

There will be no blog updates for a couple days, while I run away from home. I hear the circus is hiring again.

Guest speaker Aaron Homer will be preaching at Cornland Christian Church on May 7th. If you've been wanting to attend church services at Cornland, but you're trying to avoid me, that would be the Sunday to show up.

It's raining here, which is good, because my car needed to be washed.

Lincoln Christian College & Seminary is having their graduation on May 13th. My friend Henry, from Myanmar, is finally completing his Masters! I'm excited.

I read a sermon the other day that suggested the expression, "By hook or by crook" came from Peter's commission is Jn 21. The fisherman, called to be a "fisher of men," is now called to be a shepherd of Christ's flock. Um, I'm thinking this sounds bogus. I'll have to check it out. I'll get back to ya'.

Listening to: "Car Talk" on National Public Radio

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