Monday, May 15, 2006

Do I really need a title?

Well, it's a done deal. I'm speaking with Jeff Snell at Lincoln Christian Seminary on Wednesday about getting a Doctorate of Ministry from there. They're planning on starting that program in January of 2007. Up until now, they only offered Masters' degrees. Of course, a DMin isn't a PhD, but it's a doctorate, which looks nice on a resume, and opens doors to teach at some schools that prefer their profs to be docs. Up until now, I was looking at having to move if I ever wanted to pursue the doctorate. With the program at Lincoln, I can keep my cheap apartment (assuming I pay my rent, that is,) and continue to preach at Cornland!
And all of this because I went to Lincoln's graduation last Saturday!

Big thanks to the Miller family, who invited me out for lunch on Sunday.
Big thanks also to the Ealeys, who said, "If they don't show up, come join us!"
We do like to eat at Cornland C.C.! Our church fellowship dinners and funeral dinners are legendary.

Listening to: "Something Else" Cannonball Adderly

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