Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Day, Another Sandwich

The library’s computers are on the fritz again (poor Fritz!)—or should I say, “still”? All four patron computers are working and networked together, but only one is acknowledging the existence of the printer. The other three, I gather, are snobs, and there was some rumor among them that the printer had b.o. At any rate, these computers no more recognize the existence of that printer than the believers in Ephesus recognized the existence of the Holy Spirit! (Acts 19. Go ahead and look it up. I’ll wait.)
Since networking is not one of my acquired skills (just hand me a net, and watch me be lazy with it), it seemed to me that what we needed to do was re-install the printer software on the errant computers. We turned the library upside-down in an attempt to find that printer driver disk, but to no avail. Hours later, after putting all the books back on the right shelves, and a rather heated argument about whether or not the library was still a bit off its foundations, someone pointed out that a gracious donor had brought us a new, unopened computer! I can only assume that this took place before the upending of the building.
I installed this printer on one of the other computers, the upshot of which is (Look out! It’s coming back down!) that we now have two computers with printing capabilities. Yay!

B. at the library bought me an RC for my troubles, and we sat around and shot the breeze (without licenses, mind you) for quite awhile about faith, religion, history, and other things. He is truly an interesting cat (in the beatnik, hipster sense of the word, not the feline, always-lands-on-his-feet, whips-his-long-striped-tail sense)! He ordered Don Miller’s new book for the library’s collection for me. (I just finished “Through Painted Deserts” this morning. It reads kind of like Kerouac’s “On the Road,” with Don as Sal Paradise and his road trip buddy Paul as Dean Moriarty.)

Listening to: The Conga Kings, “Jazz Descargas”

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