Monday, June 05, 2006

Of X-Men and Bumblemen

Saw "X-Men 3: The Final Stand" last night. They did some dramatic things with regard to the X-Men universe, but it somehow manages to feel anticlimactic. Of course, since it's the X-Men, you can count on fun special effects, plenty of mutants doing superhuman things, and thinly-veiled philosophical discussions on the subject of eugenics and conformity. In these expectations, it does not disappoint. It's a fun popcorn flick--a good excuse to get out of the summer heat, turn off your brain, and sit in the dark for a couple hours.

Then there's the Bumblemen, who have what--in my opinion--is the catchiest, most appropriate theme song ever. If you can make heads-or-tails of what they really are about, a gold star for you!

Listening to: "Smile, It's The End Of The World," Hawk Nelson

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