Friday, July 14, 2006

It is finished!

Well, sort of--and not quite as spiritually significant as the one uttered from the cross--but VBS is done for the year! Last night was our final night of classes, crafts, etc. Our program is tonight, with the kids getting a chance to show off what they did and what they learned this week.
The young people get "points" for things like bringing their Bibles with them, bringing guests, class participation, et al. The ones with the top points in each of their classes get to throw a cream pie at me, and the second-from-the-top get to chuck a water balloon at me! They both get t-shirts with the VBS theme logo on it.

Thanks to the Yayhoos at Jr 1 camp this year, my VBS kids have learned the "Hippopotamus Song" this year! Thank you, Yayhoos! You know who you are! Well, okay, the Yayhoos aren't really to blame, since I taught the kids at VBS the Hip-Hip-Hippopotamus (or, as I was singing it much of the week, "Hippo duck-billed platypus!") Song! (Hip-Hip-Hooray! God made all of us!)

Dreading the tear-down on Sunday morning after church a bit, but I'm sure it'll go swiftly.

Listening to: "Drew's Famous: Steel Drums of the Islands"

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