Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Noah's Ark Found!

The ark that Noah built has been found next door to me!
Of course, his name isn't Noah; it's Bernie.
And it's not an ark, so much as a large raft made of wooden barrels and an oil cloth roof.
And Bernie doesn't claim to have a commission from God to save humanity, nor is he preaching to the rest of us.
And it's already raining!
BUT... lots of animals have been seen hopping aboard in pairs; except for the worms, who are arriving in apples. Also, the hedgehogs are--apropo of nothing--arriving in a hollowed-out watermelon. It's turning out to be not so much an ark as a garbage barge. At least the fruit flies will be saved.

VBS got rained upon last night. That's not quite accurate. Accurate would be "We got a frog strangler last night during VBS!" in which sentence, "frog strangler" is a colorful expression for a very heavy rain, and not a descriptive term for some odd skulking murderer of amphibians.
Tonight is supposed to be "Wet-N-Wild" night for my class. Water balloons, super-soakers, etc. Of course, if it continues to rain like this, that'll be pretty much pointless. Ah well.

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