Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday Night is Kids' Night!

Or so went an old commercial for a restaurant. Pizza Hut, I think.
Monday night went quite well. We had 23, I think, but we had 4 new students, so four were gone, and will likely be back before the week's up. Summer sports really eats into attendance at evening VBS's. Oh! The 4 new kids? In my class! I had 13 last night! If all return, I could have 15, 16, 20 students in my classroom! Woohoo!
They've been eerily well-behaved, and it makes me wonder if they're pod people. That would explain the extra large zucchinis I saw in some folks' back yard gardens. (Go rent or borrow the original "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" if you didn't get that.)
The skits have gone fairly well for a bunch of amateurs--some of whom haven't had their scripts very long, and one who's never done it before.
Started raining late last night, and it's still raining this morning. Better come up with some inside games for the kids! We'll probably play "Do you love your neighbor?", which is a variation of "upset the fruit basket." If we can get the pineapple bottles done, we could probably do some coconut bowling in a hall or the sanctuary aisle. One of our regulars is threatening to do the "super-duper extra-deluxe edition" of the ultra-annoying (to me, anyway) "Shark Song," aka "Baby Shark." Sounds like a good indoor activity.
Keep praying for us! If the kids bring in $200 by Thursday night, I'm gonna shave my head and let the kids autograph it!

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