Saturday, July 22, 2006

Things are looking up

We are experiencing a cooling trend. Since yesterday, the high temps have been in the lower 80s, and in the 60s at night. The humidity is still elevated, since we've been having some rain, but the cooler temperatures make it bearable. I actually turned off the AC last night and opened the windows when another storm rolled through! They're still open this morning, and it's very comfortable, thank you. This weather pattern is supposed to continue on through the weekend! Yay! And we've avoided the massive power outages that St Louis got!

Additionally, gas prices are down below $3 again! Woohoo! Road trip! Well... maybe not.

I got a CD in the mail the other day--one of these nature CD's with ocean sounds. It was incredibly cheap, and I got hooked on the concept at VBS. Someone had loaned us a cassette of seagulls and New England surf. At any rate, the CD is a very good recording, (just nature sounds, no music) and my first listen left me lingering uneasily in that squidgy spot between utterly relaxed and sea-sick. So naturally, I listened to it several more times! Perhaps the sea-sickness was a fluke, because it was just relaxing after that. The sand turning up in strange places is a bit disturbing, but I'll deal with it later.

Thinking about trying to catch Shyamalan's new movie today.

Happy Birthday, Alex Trebek & Bob Dole!

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