Monday, September 25, 2006

Coffee-Flavored Coffee & Child-Like Faith

"Hellacious Ichor" indeed! Coffee should taste like coffee! I remember once going to a coffee shop where they served Italian sodas. One of the flavored syrups you could get for your soda was "coffee" flavoring. So, I ordered a double espresso with a shot of coffee flavor! It tasted just like coffee.
My three-year-old nephew, Jonah, is a big Star Wars fan, thanks to his dad. A week ago or so, Jonah went to church where they had someone making balloon animals. They were also making swords for some of the boys, which Jonah promptly decided were "light sabers," since they were bright colors. Later on, Jonah wanted another "light saber," but his folks don't usually stock animal balloons at their house, so they were unable to comply. They told him that they didn't have any, and would have to find a store which sold that kind of balloons. They'd had no luck finding them any place, but Jonah persisted in asking for a "green saber" or "blue saber" balloon. Again, he was told that they didn't have any of that kind of balloons.
"But Mommy," Jonah said, "I prayed on it!"
"You mean, you prayed for it?" my sister asked.
"Yes," he stated.

What a prime example of childlike faith! So often, we pray "realistic" prayers--ones that we are sure God can and will answer, and forget that this is God the Creator to whom we are speaking! What limits can we possibly set on him?

The story ends well. They found a store selling animal balloons.

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