Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is this your favorite subject?

I was substitute teaching today. In a note from the regular teacher was a request that I mark in the lesson plan where I left off. "I usually try to give you more material than I think you can cover," she wrote. Excellent! We spent the class period setting up the historical background for Jesus' "cleansing" the temple in John 2. The class textbook laid out some of the details, but it was pretty bland. So, I warmed to the topic quickly, trying to give these 8th graders a real sense of the world that this is happening in, and why Jesus would have been angry!
One of my students raised her hand to ask me, "Is this your favorite subject?"
It isn't, necessarily, my favorite event or text, but I wanted to make this live, like a good history prof tries to make the section they're teaching come to life!

One of my students told me today that he had heard an explanation of a Biblical text with which I was entirely unfamiliar. So, I got home and started digging around for someone who expressed this point of view, and find out where they got it. One site I looked into insisted that this text was filled with Hebrew "idiotisms" and "idiotic expressions." I shook my head, dumbfounded. It's times like this that I can understand people associating Christianity with ignorance and lack of education. I sent him a nice email suggesting that he meant "idioms" and "idiomatic expressions." Maybe his spell check was to blame.
I never did find any reference to the student's seemingly bogus explanation.

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