Monday, November 27, 2006

And there was great rejoicing! yay.

Well, I'm back. That which is lost has been found again. If you would be so kind as to turn that fatted calf another half-turn on the spit, please? Thanks.

The trip down to my folks' in MO was uneventful. The trip the next morning in Tulsa went well. I took a few pics of my nephew with my cheap digital camera, & I'll try & fix them in some photography program so I can painlessly post them here. And maybe a pic of him at Halloween in his LarryBoy costume.
Yes, put the casserole over there on the table.
The trip to Wichita, KS on Thursday morning was curtailed by a flat tire on the expressway a short jaunt outside of Tulsa. The car managed not to crack up on the road, and we got it changed safely. We returned to my sis & bro-in-law's house & had Thanksgiving dinner there--with rotisserie chicken from Wally-World instead of turkey. It was good.
Um... Salads will go on the salad table in the next room. That's why we call it the "SALAD table"!
Nothing else really to report. I spent lots of time with my three-year-old nephew Jonah, and am planning to see them all again around Christmas.

Had the unannounced, unofficial Hanging of the Greens at Cornland yesterday. We hate the Greens, so we hung them! It seemed the most reasonable thing to do, after all. Reconciliation is just too taxing. In fact, taxing is too taxing as well, so I'm not charging you any. We'll leave that to Matthew.

Perhaps tomorrow's post will be more substantive, but I wouldn't bet on it. It'll be a Tuesday, after all.

And now, on with the feast!


Gregory said...

"We hate the Greens, so we hate them!"

And the award for Corniest Joke Ever goes to...


Good to have you back man.

Gregory said...


"...hung them!"