Friday, December 22, 2006

Eye on Judea at 10, pt 3

Izzy: Tonight will be Silent and Holy, all is calm and bright, with scattered showers of mercy and occasional appearances by heavenly entities. But fear not; they’re bringing good tidings of great joy.
Tomorrow promises to be cold and wet. Looks like it’s gonna be a good day to stay inside! So put another Yule log on the fire, roast some chestnuts, and sing your favorite carols!

Miriam: What are you talking about?

Izzy: I have no idea.
This just in from the Persian Astronomers Association: A new and spectacular astrological phenomenon has appeared in the eastern sky. Dubbed “Star Of the Newborn King Of the Jews,” or “S.O.N.K.O.J.,” Magi believe the star heralds the birth of a prince in Judea. P.A.A. representatives tell us that S.O.N.K.O.J. may be viewed with the naked eye by most amateur stargazers. Preparations are underway at this time for a visit to the capitol by P.A.A. representatives.

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