Saturday, December 23, 2006

Eye on Judea at 10, pt 4

Simeon: Thank you Izzy.
Now for sports with our very own Moshe ben Moshe.

Moshe: Thanks, Simeon. Fans went wild in the Coliseum today as gladiator favorite Hugeus Maximus fought to his sixth straight victory over—well, everyone else on the field!
In racing news, Arius Earnhardtus has won the Hippodrome 300, beating out favored Brutus Gordonis, who blew a tire on his chariot in lap 127. Gordonis escaped without injury.
In other sports news, the Romans beat the Gauls, 21 to 5, Greece triumphed over Ethiopia, 11-8, and Alexandria Tech shut out Persia University with a score of 35-zip against old P.U.! Back to you, Simeon!

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Diesel said...

YES! I had money on Alexandria Tech.

Merry Christmas, Allen.