Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Eye on Judea at 10, pt 5

Simeon: Angelic messengers? Blinding lights? Heavenly choirs? These are just a few of the things that some Bethlehem shepherds claim disturbed their peaceful evening. We have here, in the studio, Mr. Jesse bar Mordecai. Mr. bar Mordecai, can you tell us about what happened?

Jesse: I certainly can! Me and Hannah and Zeke had--

Simeon: (interrupting) Excuse me. Zeke?

Mordecai: Our son. It’s short for Ezekiel, but the sheepdog was already named Ezekiel, so we just call the boy “Zeke.” Saves time that way.

Simeon: Okay.

Mordecai: Well, we had the sheep all down fer the night, and we’re countin’ em, and I was driftin’ off like I always do when I count sheep. And suddenly I’m awakened by this big ole’ boomin’ voice sayin’, “F-E-A-R N-O-O-O-T!” Jest like that. Well, there’s only one thing ta’ do when a big ole’ boomin’ voice like that tells ya not ta’ be skeered.

Simeon: And what is that?

Mordecai: Be terrified, o’course! Which we was. Didn’t help that there was a shining light surrounding us. I thought at first I’d slept clear through til mornin’, but it weren’t so. The angel said, "I have good news of great joy that will be for all people—"

[jingling bells and music swells and drowns out Mordecai.]

Voice offstage: Ho! Ho! Ho! (stepping onstage, revealed to be Santa Claus. He bounds over to center stage, stopping right in front of the shepherd, waves, and continues to wish people a merry Christmas. He begins handing out candy canes and generally makes a nuisance of himself, until the rest of the newscast gets up and begs for candy. Mordecai--practically unnoticed and dejected--leaves. Newscasters leave with their candy and Santa finishes his distribution and leaves.)


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