Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the celebration of Epiphany

I still haven't done the big Christmas family get together this year. I spent Christmas with some friends, which was great. Due to everyone's work schedules this year, it's going to be after the first of the year sometime when we can all be together in one place to exchange gifts, etc. I jokingly commented to my folks the other day that we were merely being more Biblical with our gathering being closer to Epiphany. Epiphany, I understand (not having been much on the liturgical calender growing up) celebrates the arrival of the Magi to bring gifts to the Christ Child. It is that event, I think, which influences our gift giving at Christmas. (It may be argued that we give gifts because St Nicholas was a notorious gift giver, and it is his feast day. Could be. I just like my explanation better, because it staves off my guilt brought on by engaging in holiday materialism in a more Bible-centered fashion.)

May I add several other less-"spiritual" benefits to saving the gift exchange gathering til Epiphany?
--Post-Christmas sales mean you can often save money on additional trinkets.
--You are absolved of the guilt of not feeling charitable toward the Christmas music that starts playing on the radio Thanksgiving evening! By Epiphany, it's long-gone!
--You can spread out your Christmas Day gatherings, without worrying about cramming it all in on Dec 25th!
--For the last minute Christmas shopper (we know who we are, guys) there's a greater grace period. I still have gifts I haven't wrapped yet--and it's okay!
--It justifies the drinking of eggnog and eating Christmas cookies, etc, long past the Dec 25th deadline. (It also justifies the postponement of the post-holiday dieting by another week or two!) One caveat, though. Don't be the dork caught wearing the Santa hat two days after Christmas. But feel free to wear it when you finally get together with the fam!
--Prevents the over-stimulation of small children by spacing out the parties over several days. Young'uns will be less likely to be grumpy and unenthusiastic about gift exchange when it's that much later.
--You get to be the envy of your friends, enjoying the gifts you received at just about the time they are getting bored with their gifts!
--Frees you up to work on Christmas, knowing that your celebration will be held later on.
--You don't have to fight holiday traffic!

New avatar is The Brain From Planet Arous--a cousin of ICFAB, probably.


Malnurtured Snay said...

Well, Merry Belated Christmas. I think mine would've been merrier (at least easier to stand) if I'd had internet access or beer.

Diesel said...

I like the new brain.

Diesel said...

Oh, and Happy New Year.

Allen said...

And I heard him exclaim
Ere he scuttled out of sight,
"Happy New Brain to y'all,
And to y'all a good blight!"