Saturday, January 20, 2007

The clam before the storm?

My parents are finally back in their house, after a couple nights in the local shelter. Their landlord called them and said, "I got your power and your water back on. You should have hot water by the time you get here." With joy, they drove to the house, walked inside and--no electricity! The power was back on after an hour or so, and has stayed on, to the best of my knowledge--just in time for 5-10 inches of snow predicted this weekend!

Meanwhile, here at the ICFAB atomic neurology lab, we have been dodging the proverbial bullets of winter storm, experiencing only liquid rain, when other places were getting freezing rain and sleet. We're in for 3-5 inches tomorrow, according to all meteorological prognosticators, in time for Sunday morning services at Cornland! However, as the Stygian Witches likely never said, "We shall see."

I fear some of my readers may have taken offense at my post on the Melvin Gospel. It is always risky depicting Jesus acting out of character, even for humorous purposes. My intent, really, was to explore the question of what we sinful humans would do, given the powers that Christ had available to him. I certainly do not believe Jesus really acted the way he does in the spurious Melvinian text. I probably should apologize to those who were offended.

Yep. I probably should.

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