Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Orphans of the Storm

So, my parents have been without power since yesterday some time. And, since the water pump for their well is electric, they also have no water. This isn't really a problem, since the water pipes are frozen and the pump wouldn't be able to get the water into the house if it were working.
So, my folks are now orphans of the storm, and Lillian Gish has now been adopted into the family. They (my folks, that is. Lillian's been dead for awhile) will be travelling into Lebanon, MO to hang out at one of the shelters there--along with a whole slew of other frozen people.

Meanwhile, I have both water and electricity. An hour or two ago a whole flock of penguins arrived at my door and asked to come in and warm up. Do you know how much noise 3 dozen or so penguins make? My friends tell me that there are no penguins; that this is just a hallucination of a deluded brain. The penguins, on the other hand, tell me it's nothing to worry about.

But my friends may be on to something about the hallucination thing. Penguins are hard to tell apart, after all. It may not be 3 dozen penguins. It may be the same penguin over and over again.

Well, we've had some fun today, but remember: carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious issue. Make sure to test your CO detector regularly, no matter what the penguins say. What do they know about carbon monoxide anyway?


Diesel said...

I don't trust overdressed animals. Penguins are like little used car salesmen.

Allen said...

Yes, especially the Patagonian Plaid Penguin. I think he was the one who kept following me around, asking, "What is it gonna take for me to put you on this snowmobile today?"

Gregory said...

Did they get annoyed when you asked them if they knew Mumble?

I mean, they probably get asked that all the time now, you know?

You did ask them if they knew Mumble, right?

Allen said...

Had I actually seen the movie, I might have done so. Thanks for linking the Wikipedia article. Otherwise I would have been completely in the dark.
They're gone now, by the way. 'Claimed they didn't care how warm it was in my apartment. No amount of warmth was worth enduring my boring company.