Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pantsless Man Orders Coffee, Gets Cuffed

Moose Creek, MN - Thirty-eight-year-old Les Carlton shocked customers and staff alike when he walked into Sammy's Diner wearing no pants last Thursday afternoon. "He sat down at the counter and demanded a cup of coffee, and I refused, 'cause I could see his... parts!" says Sammy's employee Sadie Kimball. "I'm not uptight. If he had been wearing a skirt or a sarong, I wouldn't have said anything, but he wasn't wearing anything down there!"
Carlton insists that he was in compliance with the diner's stated regulations. "The sign on the door says, 'No shirt, no shoes, no service.' I was wearing a shirt and shoes! There shouldn't have been a problem if they really meant that!"
Carlton was arrested for public nudity and indecent exposure. Arresting officer Bernie Jones wrapped his coat around Carlton's waist before leading him out of the diner in handcuffs. "There are just certain levels of public decency that you're expected to understand and conform to!" Officer Jones said. "Besides, it's January in Minnesota, and it's just too darn cold to go around like that."


CSL said...

The letter but not the spirit of the law. You almoost have to admire the guy.

Allen said...

I'm so glad you feel that way! How about wiring me some bail money?