Thursday, February 22, 2007

Calimari for 28

Upon closer inspection, the crew found a tiny submarine entangled in the squid’s great tentacles. The name on the side of the sub appears to be “Nautilus.”

Headline the next day? “Finding Nemo”!
Insert geeky H. P. Lovecraft/Cthulhu joke here.
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We've got a huge school of off the starboard bow, Captain!


Gregory said...

I used to want to be a marine biologist so I could capture the first live giant squid...

...until I learned they were carnivores with big nasty beaks.


The Drive-by Blogger said...

According to the article giant squids and colossal squids both grow to be about 39 feet long, but giant squids "are not as heavy as colossal squid".

So...doesn't that mean that "colossal" squids are just giant squids with a weight problem? Also, I've just come to the disturbing realization that I like typing the word squid.

Allen said...

Well, "Colossal" Squid was deemed to be less hurtful than the original suggestions of "Husky," "Portly," and "Just Big For His Age: Really, Really Big."

Diesel said...

You guys made me ink!