Friday, February 02, 2007

Schrödinger's Groundhog

This Punxutawney Phil has got to be the most powerful rodent in the solar system! He doesn't merely predict the weather, he alters the future by mere observation! Let's turn him loose on the whole global warming thing while we're at it. It's not as if he has a lot to do every other day of the year!

I began my celebration of the Omniscient Phil's appearance by having biscuits with groundhog gravy. Well, it was actually made with pork sausage, but isn't that ground hog?

According to Edmund Laszlo of the "Laszlo Institute for Bioengineering Research," in the future, we will control the winter weather by creating an eyeless groundhog to be placed in P. Phil's burrow. This way, he will have no possible chance of seeing his shadow, regardless of the weather.


Diesel said...

But... if he has no eyes, then there's no observation. Which means that it must be considered winter and not winter simultaneously. I'm scared. Hold me.

Diesel said...

Allen - I've added you to the feed. Just add the text "" (preferably as a link) to any post that you want to appear on humor-blogs.


CSL said...

Or maybe it would mean a half-way forecast every year. Three more weeks of winter?

I did your Gorey test and posted it Friday. That was fun.