Saturday, March 10, 2007

ICFAB reviews "300"

Saw “300” last night. Intended to see the 9:30 showing, wound up buying tickets to see the 10:30, since even seeing the 10:00 would’ve meant sitting in the 1st three “whiplash” rows.

Let’s see… Nice CGI work that really closely resembles the art in Frank Miller’s graphic novel of the same name… plenty of sword-n-sandal genre graphic violence… inspiring speeches and shouted slogans by Leonidas, the king of Sparta… opposition by unsupportive ruling councils in the pocket of the enemy… gallows humor of probably-doomed soldiers on the battlefield… the general theme of perseverance and courage against insurmountable odds… and the glory of dying in battle for the cause of freedom…

Oh, to heck with it! It’s “Braveheart” with diapers & capes instead of kilts! And a bit more somewhat gratuitous nudity and sex. And no fake Scottish accents, no Christological themes, and no quasi-crucifixion scenes. Oh yeah, and every 3 minutes, someone shouts “SPARTA!” or “SPARTANS!” instead of “FREEDOM!”

Fun “guy” movie, even though the most satisfying kill is performed by a woman.

"300" gets a "Well, that was worth seeing" rating.

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