Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Starship NOA Zark!

A failed TV pilot for a "Christian" kids show has turned up in the archives here at the lab. The proposed program was a science fiction Star Trek ripoff called "Starship NOA Zark!" Apparently, in the future, the world has become so evil that the only way for godly people to survive is to live on board a spacecraft called the "Nuclear Orbital Aircraft Zark," or "NOA Zark" for short. Unfortunately, rather than wasting time on plot or storyline, the crew of the Zark spent their time singing Sunday School songs and reading viewer fan mail. The cast, all unknowns, were as follows:

Captain Calvin “Cal” Vary (played by Philip Ewe)
Ship's Doctor Sally Veyshun (played by Grace Truefaith)
Science Officer (& lead guitarist) Alex “A-Tone” Ment (played by Reed Demption)
Navigator Rita D. Bible (played by Chenille Addy Crosse)
Communications Officer Wot Chan Pre' (played by Benny Diction)

Actually, I think Philip Ewe may have also played Captain Orthodoxy. The voice certainly is similar.
The part of the ship was played by humor-blogs.com.


Diesel said...

I would totally have watched that show. Except for the stupid songs and mail bits. Kind of like how I watched The Electric Company for the 2 minutes that Spider-Man showed up.

Allen said...

"Spider-Man! Where are you comin' from, Spider-Man? Nobody knows who you are!"
What a flood of memories! Thanks for making me feel old!
Still fond of how Spidey only spoke in speech bubbles. To this day, I have followed his lead. Makes ordering at the drive-thru a bit awkward, but, with great power comes great responsibility.